Lose Weight Naturally - No More Diets

UnDiet - No More Diets ('DIE' Its) - Start a 'Live' It Instead

Stop torturing yourself! Stop repeating what has only made things worse (isn't that the definition of insanity?).

Studies have shown that taking the ProBiotics(good gut bacteria) from skinny people and giving them to obese people helped the obese people lose weight naturally!

The EZYogurtMaker™ is the best way to grow your own fresh ProBiotics so you too can benefit from the freshest/healthiest ProBiotics. 


Weight Loss Tips

While you are waiting for your maker to arrive here are a few simple tips to start getting healthy right away (how I lost the weight from June to January with little effort while enjoying more of my favorite foods more frequently):

  • Fast Forward to Full: Drink a tall glass of water after a sensible snack or meal to immediately push the food down to your stomach. It makes you feel full right away and your hunger and cravings crash dive. Wish I had realized this decades before. Best tip ever!!!
  • Opposite of Dieting: Instead of starving all day and pigging out at night (terrible for your system and weight!), eat the junk before 10 a.m. and then eat numerous small snacks/meals throughout the day. Be like a kid again - they eat what they like throughout the day and don't eat a ton all at once. I eat a snack at least every hour. 
  • It is All About the Food: Exercise is vital for health, but weight loss is all about all about the intake. For example, to burn off a single brownie you need to walk for over two hours! Many people eat have a plate of brownies as a reward for walking/working out for 15 minutes a day, not realizing they would need to keep up that pace for 77 days to burn off just 1 plate of brownies!!!!!
  • Be Smarter not Work Harder: For the same calories would you rather have 1/4 cup of raisins or 2 cups of fresh grapes. Would you rather have a piece of white bread or a couple of cups of fresh, clean popcorn (be sure to avoid drenching in lardy "butter" and excess salt... ). I would rather have an extra piece of pie than a glass of soda pop. I realized that I could eat 2 pieces of pie if I left the lardy, white-flour crust. Be smart! I decided on a new rule: If it doesn't taste good and it is not good for me then I am saving room for more pie! Figure out what your really enjoy and decide to save room for that rather than exercising for hours to burn off some bland filler food. I cut way back on white pastas, rice, breads... and saved room for pie!
  • Balance, Balance, Balance: Do a little exercise each morning (even if just one push-up or leg-lift or sit-up). Eat at least one serving of fresh or frozen fruits & veggies at every meal (even if just a carrot or some cheap mixed veggies thrown in the microwave - bright colors and variety are desirable - and delicious). Make sure they are not overcooked or canned (lost most of nutritional value and taste.
  • Lazy Way to Good Habits: Build good habits just like bad habits form, ease your way into good habits/balance. The only important thing is to do a minimum each day moving in the right direction. Move in the right direction every day even if just a baby step! Do one more push-up or exercise one minute more(every day but Sunday of course) or eat one less serving of junk/filler food...
  • Never Clean Your Plate: Never eat all of the food on your plate. If eating out get a to-go container before eating and save half the meal for lunch tomorrow (they give you way too much food at restaurants so why not enjoy twice rather than feeling stuffed and gross). It is more of a waste to put on your waist then in the waste bin (just take less next time). We have been conditioned that "good kids clean their plates/eat all their food" and that is wrong. One time someone was concerned that my son didn't want to eat all of the massive piece of cake they had given him before he could have a little more ice cream! That crazy conditioning is very detrimental to our health (as is the false conditioning that vegetables are gross - when our kids were young I would limit the amount of veggies they could have and I would start to eat their veggies if they didn't eat them so they would appreciate them - several times I have caught toddlers sneaking the bowl of veggies trying to get more!).
  • Use your Lazy Powers for Good: Use your lazy tendencies to your advantage. Never have snacks or junk food where you work, study, watch TV... Junk foods are made to be addictive and to not make you feel full (even after eating 3 days worth of calories!). Make yourself get up to grab a little snack (e.g. small handful of protein rich nuts or other delicious, healthy snack). That way your Lazy Powers will offset the eating from boredom or because the junk is right there. I snack a ton but now I make myself get up and go to the other room to grab a small snack, even if I go back 5 times in an hour. That also boosts my metabolism by eating frequently and getting up and moving back and forth between rooms.
  • Power of ProBiotics and Protein: Both ProBiotics and Protein have been shown to help you lose weight naturally, control cravings, boost your metabolism, build muscle... Why not make your own ProBiotic Protein Shakes that are incredibly delicious and cheaper than anything out there? Save yourself time and money all while boosting your health. You can even make them fat-free when you start with skim milk! (Use milk with fats for kids or seniors/ those needing to bulk up).

This year stop torturing yourself and make a natural, steady, & permanent change all while enjoying life! Don't hover over the scale every day just be persistent in moving in the right direction every day. Studies suggest that those who steadily lose 1 to 2 pounds a week are more likely to keep off the weight. So just keep moving slowly in the right direction and next New Years you will be where you want (don't you wish you did that last year:-).