EZ Yogurt Maker™ In-Jug Yogurt/Kefir/ProBiotics/Protein Shake Maker

EZ Yogurt Maker™ In-Jug Yogurt/Kefir/ProBiotics/Protein Shake Maker

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The EZ Yogurt Maker™ is the World's First and Only In-Jug Yogurt Maker / Kefir Maker / ProBiotic Maker.

The EZ Yogurt Maker™ is the easiest way to make yogurt/kefir/probiotics.

Now you can make fresh ProBiotic Yogurt & Kefir right at home with only a minute of prep and not a single dirty dish. Save time and money by making yogurt, kefir, protein shakes yourself with the EZ Yogurt Maker™ doing all the work.

Enjoy the fresh ProBiotics that can help you lose weight (even without diet or exercise). You can lose weight even faster by replacing unhealthy meals/snacks (high protein content helps you feel full longer and control cravings). Also the shakes can help you boost your metabolism, build muscle, recover from workouts...

The EZ Yogurt Maker™ makes great breakfasts or snacks for the entire family. You control the fat content by using Skim, 1%, 2%, or whole milk. You also flavor the way you like so you control the amount of sweetener and there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers... Adding fresh fruit puree, jams or natural flavors makes for a fantastic snack, shake, or smoothy in limitless flavor combinations.

Simply add the EZ Yogurt Maker™ ProBiotic starter pack to a fresh bottle of milk, slide on the EZYogurtMaker™, plug it in and the EZYogurtMaker™ does all the work.

After a good night's sleep or after work or school put the bottle into the refrigerator to thicken. Pull it at about 8 hours for a more mild flavor or leave it in longer (9+ hours) for a thicker, more tangy flavor. You can then flavor an entire bottle so you have dozens of servings ready for a quick breakfast or snack.

Finally you have a quick, ready-to-go alternative to fast food, sugary breakfast cereals, unhealthy snacks... for the entire family.

Every regular EZYogurtMaker™ also comes with 2 free ProBiotic starter packets for enough starter to make over 60 servings!

Patent Pending - Hand Made in the USA using 100% recycled insulation and graphite.


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